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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 21, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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new starting point it's a day where i'm going to do the things i was supposed to do last year and didn't get to. it's a celebration of all that i have been able to accomplish this year and a time to start new memories. >> brooke baldwin picks up our special coverage of the boston marathon right now. >> hi there. live here in what has really turned out to be a beautiful day in boston for special coverage of the 118th boston marathon. it's a day of victory here today for the city. the people coming together. i talked to so many runners. just really embodying boston strong one year after the explosions at the finish line
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today i am happy to tell you that an american won the marathon. this is the first time an american man has won the boston marathon since 1983. i think i would be smiling like that as well. an incredible moment in boston. we will talk about that. and i will speak to several true boston natives here. we have straight from dor chester, donny wahlberg, he needs no introduction and he will join me live. and also legendary reporter of the boston globe recently picking up a pew litzer for their coverage. we will be talking to and hearing from some of the people who are running the 26.2 miles today. some of whom were injured and some of whom didn't finish but they're back today.
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but first this. as every minute passes, the situation in the water turns increasingly grim. the bodies now of 87 people have been pulled from the ferry wreckage. 215 others are still missing in the frigid waters. many of them students and teachers. keep in mind, visibility is almost zero and divers are close to reaching their breaking point. family members are praying for miracles but bracing for the worst. >> and then there is this. the gut wrenching scene of bodies draped in white cloths likely to be repeated over and over in the coming days. the president calling the actions of the captain and crew
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akin to murder. i want to bring in paula hancock. how is the search going? >> well, i think the fact that more of these victims are being found and being able to be brought back to shore shows that the search is increasing in its speed, the fact that the weather conditions are allowing this search and rescue to be at the speed that it is in the moment. that is what officials are calling it at the moment. no sur sfooifrs have been found since last wens.
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it's not beyond the realm of possibility that there are air pockets. the very fact that the ship has not zung suggests that there may be air pockets. those are the hopes that parents would want to think that there is a responsibility that their child they have survive d since early this morning we have seen a number of what has been brought ashore. brooke? >> awful. and we are all gripping for that death toll to rise. thank you so much. back here live in boston, this is the 118th boston marathon.
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it goiz back to 1896. 26.2 miles. the knee buckling ascent of heartbreak hill is the longest running race of its kind and today the competition put the finish line some blocks away from me is really a testament to a much different tind of endurance here. the energy there where this whole thing begins, it is contagious. it makes you want to get in and try it yourself. the runners, the crowd, the event proved that the nation would endure. who could forget a year ago when the first bomb exploded.
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three were killed at the scene. and mit plif was shot and killed in per suit of the suspect so the tragedy, though, this is what i want to focus on. i want to focus on the triumph today. we are hearing that it is a million people strong all the way from here winding through to boston and along with the crowd comes security. they keep calling this the safest place on earth today. and marathon runners, let me tell you, they're energized. >> it's a great year to be here. we're claiming the sport back. >> the terrorists did not do what they intended because
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boston is strong. >> you're back. >> yes. the adrenaline flows in and we support boston. it's a great city to run in. >> boston strong. >> boston strong, baby. >> so awesome of them to stop and talk to me before running the race this morning. this year's elite winner is an american. yes. the first american man to win in 31 years. with me now a guy who is pretty excited about that, actor, singer, producer, donny wahlburg joining me. so you're here obviously beyond your love for boston. your brother, jimmy -- >> my brother jim spent his childhood running from the police is now running the marathon. >> go, jimmy, go. >> and my former band mates, danny wood and joey mcentire.
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danny finished four minutes before the bombs went off. >> where are you today? >> right on the finish line. my gang is a little bit slower. >> that's okay. >> i am going to go catch them finish the race. it's unbelievable to see this race happen and see everybody turn out. a million people. it's unbelievable. >> it feels different. >> it feels different because everybody everybody is here with such an amazing spirit. there's a million bostonians who are ready to be police themselves. we never expect something like that to happen anywhere. but, you know, we learn. it's a different world now than it used to be. to see how the city has bounced back and see now how they are responding this year it's unbelievable. such a pride filled day. >> you bring up police. in terms of police and
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firefighters and first responders who were the heroes who ran towards it when everyone was running away have you talked to any of your buddies on the force? how are they feeling today? >> everyone is on high alert. the officers are on high alert. you can see their spirit is really high, too. they are right down there again this year. they obviously have to be on high alert. everybody knows to be mind thafl anything had happened. they also had a little bit of heavy hearts for the vicks of last year. but also you can see this incredible light in everyone's eyes. everyone is feeling so proud and happy today. and i think grateful. when something like that
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happens, think it makes you appreciate what you have. now i think the whole world appreciates it. >> i mentioned the last time i saw you was the boston strong show which if i remember right you helped organize? so let me play a little bit from last spring and then we'll talk about being boston strong. ♪ ♪ one thing i can tell you is you got to be free ♪ ♪ boston ♪ right now over me >> so, i mean, the moment there on stage with all of those different people. >> i sang about 50% of come together. >> did you think you would be singing the beatles? >> it was incredible. that was an amazing experience.
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>> that experience and also donny, can you explain to non--bostonians patriots day? what does this day mean for boston? >> it's always a special day. it's our holiday. we have this holiday all to ourselves in massachusetts. i don't know that there's patriots day anywhere else. >> they are getting beat, but it's okay. it's all good. everyone gets to catch the end of the race, the marathon and it's always been a special day for us. it's a day that is very new england and boston. it means so much more now. the city avoided so much last year. we all are very proud in the city. we have always been proud of the city but it's taken on a whole
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new thing. >> i'm not from here but i share in the pride. it's a pleasure having you on. thank you sir. congrats on getting hitched i heard your news. >> i'm going to go watch my boys finish the race. >> coming up this hour, i have to talk about the blue fin looking for any sign of missing life. it has now canvassed 2/3 of the search area. if this ninth mission yields nothing? what next? a massive operation against al qaeda militants showing top brass meeting right out in the open. where the strikes directly related to this video? we will ask those questions coming up. did you hear about this today? a teenager stuck in the wheel well of a plane, flew all the way across the pacific ocean to hawaii, survived it, fbi
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investigators are wondering how in the heck did he survive in the first place. coverage from boston continues after this. ♪
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>> special report from boston common. let's get to this. the shadow war was seriously ramped up this weekend. massive and unprecedented. those include suspected u.s.
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drone strikes this is all after this video was made public. the video showed a large daytime rally for militants, one that might have painted a giant bull's eye on all of them. joining me now, a former cia counter terrorism official and now a senior fellow. welcome. >> thank you. >> do we have any idea, we talk about these high value targets, but do we really know how much damage was inflicted in this strike? >> i think you can guess because
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you don't see this level of attacks every day. the other thing i go back to. that was at the cia. it's a lesson to me that they have got to sit up and pay attention. >> so, as far as those sitting up and paying attention do we know specifics? i remember a video that broke a couple of days ago and one person that is not in the video is the now famous bomb maker. do we have any word whether he was taken out? >> i haven't seen anything but in my experience this takes a while to figure out who was
11:19 am
actually ti lly killed in the s. given the fact that you're in mountainous terrain. that's very difficult. >> what about, let's talk about the video of this massive rally of the top brass, if you will, of al qaeda. was this retribution by the united states? >> i think if this was a piece of the puzzle it's a relatively small piece of the puzzle. it's tough to get to human source informants and surveillance by drones. you cannot turn that switch on in a few days. this is really hard to do. >> he was telling me brook,
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certain militants may be taken out, it's very easy for al qaeda and their min ons, if you will the lesser members quickly rise up and as far as should america still fear al qaeda even if top brass has been taken out here what would your response be? >> my response should be america shouldn't fear al qaeda. kids should be playing in streets but behind the scenes the people at the cia and fbi, the people involved have to focus on what i would call al qaedaism. the genius of al qaeda was inspiring people to say i got the message and i'm going to do it myself and that kind of revolution still exists in yemen. >> there was talk, phil, of quote unquote eliminating the cross in that internet video. what does that even mean?
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>> this is a clue to me about the significant of this target. if you're in the counter terrorism business, one significant thing is leadership. somebody who is a visionary who can tell somebody in a trench that your target is not the police or the army, it's the crusaders, people for washington and new york and los angeles. the significant of that statement tells me there are still leaders in al qaeda yemen who are raising the horizons of street fighters to say your target is not just here, your target is the west and the cross. hugely significant. >> when we talk about the west and the u.s. specifically, you mentioned collateral damage off the top, very controversial drone program. the president ordered many drone strikes killing as many as 2400 people. there have been no trials. there is no due process.
11:22 am
some americans have serious misgivings about whether the president should be ordering the attacks because of the collateral damage. what are your thoughts about that? >> i wasn't personed about the strikes when i was on the inside. you have to respect the fact that everybody has a soul. that said if you're looking at an individual who is contemplating the murder of innocents you cannot allow that operation to continue. the question and what people like me call this forever war, the question is when we're transitioning from taking out leadership to looking at a civil war we are a heck of a long way from killing al qaeda leaders 13 years ago. >> phil, thank you so much for joining me. i appreciate it. >> coming up, we will take you
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to south korea where as i mentioned crews are searching for and finding dozens of bodies in that capsized ferry. but we want to talk about the obvious emotional toll not just on the families but on the rescued divers, the ones finding the high school students, the bodies. we talked to one coming up. (music) defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. calcium citrate plus d. highly soluble, easily absorbed. ♪ hooking up the country whelping business run ♪ ♪ build! we're investing big to keep our country in the lead. ♪ load! we keep moving to deliver what you need.
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>> right now the u.s. navy's underwater drone, the blue fin 21, as you know it has scoured
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the entire area. david, here we go. if blue fin, i mean, i have lost track of all of these different missions this submersible has been on but if it finds nothing, what's next? more blue fins? more auv's? expand the search area? >> i think when you talk about all the missions, really each mission is just a day. in that day they are only covering about 16 square miles of ocean floor. this is incredibly small bit of real estate considering where
11:28 am
the uncertainty may lie is probably thousands of square miles. so although this is a good effort to try to find something quickly, it's really not likely to succeed just because of the uncertainty. >> how long do you give it before they walk away retriang late and go after it with fresh eye. >> they have been out there for quite a bit longer than that. so i think they are pretty much reaching the limit of their initial endurance and it's probably a good time to come back and take stock of all the information that we have and consider what is the best approach from here.
11:29 am
this is sort of like a first responder impact. they are able to quickly go to the scene of the crash. and begin to search. sometimes you really don't have very good information about where to search. that works well if you know where to look. in this case we have a great deal of uncertainty. it makes sense to take stock, get a group of experts together, try to look carefully at all of the information. sometimes the most obvious thing may be completely wrong and a red herring i think that should take a period of months before a new effort would take place. >> okay. and the lack of debris and that certainly doesn't help them hone in on the search. here is the other complication
11:30 am
is that a cyclone is apparently nearing this part of the world. when and if that helps, how would that kind of rough weather affect any kind of submersibles and the search in general? >> weather is always an issue. the submersible is really not affected. it eegs down way deep below however every day we need to launch and recover that drone and launch and recovery in high seas and winds is difficult if not impossible if the conditions deteriorate as much as togethered and the ships can't see out there so weather is a serious impediment. it's inevitable with nature. deep down the drones are fine and this weather won't disturb
11:31 am
any wreckage. there is no concern about the weather causing the long term problem with the search. >> just, finally, there is an interesting, and that's a good thing. we're getting the first imagery of the region of the earth. houston has said. what could we learn from these blue fin images? >> i'm really glad you brought that up. there are areas of the ocean in this part of the world, the size of nebraska or texas, pick a state, that have been completely unmapped we don't have even a single data point. so this is an incredible advance in the science of ocean exploration to be able to actually have to map these areas.
11:32 am
who knows what we will find. >> mapping them hoping to find debris and find the black boxes along the way. thank you so much for your expertise. when we come back, one year later, tragedy replaced by joy and triumph as an american takes first place and a race to find survivors from the korean zungen ferry nears its seventh day. how are these divers trying to find possible survivors and victims as well? that's next. and just give them the basics, you know. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners,
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>> and now catching you up with the heartbreaking search and rescue operation. they believe there could be some survivors and they say they refuse to give up hope looking. but the grim task of going in and finding those bodies continues. 87 now are confirmed dead. 2015 still missing and the pain of grieving familyies is affecting those -- those are makeshift morgues.
11:37 am
how horrible is that? we talked to volunteer fivers who say they are willing to risk their lives to find survivors. >> for these divers every day is a race against time, a race to find survivors of the zungen ferry marked by only these two buoys. >> there must be survivors. we must find the air pocket. that's why i have hope. >> that hope is fading quickly for this man who leads hundreds of volunteer divers. >> we try every day and search for the missing people. i cry when ever i think about it. >> a heavy burden as divers
11:38 am
brave dangerous conditions underwater. >> if you go down ten meters you can only see about 20 centimeters. >> as they search for the living all they find are the dead. >> all the families of missing people and hundreds of volunteer divers are focused on finding the survivors. we are willing to risk our lives for this. >> each day they fight to find survivors. they fight the pain of knowing there may be nobody left alive. >> let's stop here. >> body after body, these divers don't give up. they say they can't give up.
11:39 am
>> now these divers are working under incredibly dangerous conditions. i's dark and cold and they can only see about a foot and a half in front of them. what is the best way to try to go in and find survivors and conduct the search? joining me to discuss sheer tactics is former navy seal commander. thank you so much, sir, for joining me. just incredibly difficult, gut wrenching task. how should they physically approach this kind of search effort? get in this ferry? >> you know, i have doven in those waters before. as a seal commander, it is about the toughest conditions you can think of. you're virtually going hand to hand through the ship.
11:40 am
there is a chance. there is always a chance that you will have survivors. >> what to you mean hand in hand? >> the viz ability is almost zero. you will set up towlines. you are just looking at things with your hands, feeling anything they transfer signature of sound so if there is any survivors you might be able to hear some tapping. >> so they are listening, obviously, for things like that, for tapping, for sign of survivors. we talk about air pockets but what really is the likelihood that so many days out they still exist and if they do exist, how do they get in and grab these
11:41 am
survivors without then water rushing in? well, you know, some of the air pockets, you have nooks and kranys and part of the problem with an air pocket is co 2 build up and it is cold. approximate ship's without power. every moment is critical. i think there is a strong pobltd that they could bring them out successfully. i think the first part is to look and identify any air pockets at all and do as best you can with the search under the conditions. it is enormously difficult. i think it's going to take a lot of effort to keep them on task. it's krim for the police officers. it's grim for the divers.
11:42 am
what is that like for these professionals doing their jobs? that has to take a toll as well does it not? >> it does. anyone who signs up for public service, these guys are heroes and they understand the challenges involved and they are certainly willing to get down and do whatever they need to to make sure that there is survivors but it's a devastating tasing and certainly my heart goes out to the families that are enduring this. there is always hope but the hope gets less and less. it's the cold and zero viz ability. so many of these children, they
11:43 am
were the only son or daughter that a lot of these families had. thank you. i know a lot of you are watching the story, you wonder how you can help -- how you can help the families of this ferry tragedy. there you will find links to the red cross. again, there was little oxygen, temperatures were below freezing. a teen aged stow away managed to survive on a flight to hawaii equipped with only a comb? and back here live and an american man wins the boston marathon for the first time so many years since the last time.
11:44 am
we celebrate boston massachusetts, a city of triumph.
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11:47 am
>> lucky to be alive. authorities in hawaii used those four little words over and over after a 16-year-old boy smuggled himself from the wheel well of a jet liner and flew from california to hawaii. hardly enough oxygen to breathe but somehow he pulled it off.
11:48 am
and dan, first, how is this young man doing? >> apparently he's doing fine. >> i think at the outset it's understandable that there was skepticism surrounding this young man's story. the fbi says this happened. there is video surveillance showing him hopping over a fence and apparently going towards that hawaiian airliner. you have the security issue which is obviously a big deal. the fact that a teenager could get on to a fence and get on to a tarmac raises a whole host of concerns. you talked about it going into a wheel well. we have heard estimates that the temperature may have dipped 80 below zero and limited oxygen.
11:49 am
take a look. >> so many other people that work here at our airports, however, no system is 100%. and it appears that this teenager scaled a section of our perimeter and was able to proceed on to our ramp and into the wheel well of an aircraft. >> the boy says he became unconscious during the flight. when it landed he was still unconscious for approximately one hour and came too to, got off the plane and came out of the wheel well and seen wapd wandering the tarmac. >> to think a teenager could
11:50 am
pull this off raises serious questions about security. when we come back, it was a blast that stunned the nation. the boston marathon, the finish line. and these images from one year and one week ago. we mark the moment as thousands of runners honor the fallen. they are back here in boston and better than ever. i've always kept my eye on her... but with so much health care noise, i didn't always watch out for myself. with unitedhealthcare, i get personalized information and rewards for addressing my health risks. but she's still gonna give me a heart attack. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. [ female announcer ] we eased your back pain, you turned up the fun. tylenol® provides strong pain relief while being gentle on your stomach. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol®.
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♪ thanks. [ male announcer ] troubleshoot, manage appointments, and bill pay from your phone. introducing the xfinity my account app. >> welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin, privileged to be coming to you from boston, massachusetts. it was just around this time last marathon when the smoke and the screams and everything that really just doesn't bear repeating. you know what happened with the
11:54 am
finish line. let me show you this picture as the first american won the men's elite division. i love this picture. i love the look on his face. he finished in two hours eight minutes and 37 seconds. i think he beat me as we drove from the starting line back here to boston. we remember right around this time last year there was an iconic photo. we all know the name of the youngest victim and fl are two young men i want you to meet who were next to them when that blast happened. >> the face of that cruel day in boston, the alleged bombers are
11:55 am
about to strike. >> they were screaming and yelling for their parents to keep running. they were cheering them on. >> just eight years old was killed and his sister lost her leg. the moments before the bomb captured in this haunting photo. but what happened to those other boys standing inches away? >> to see where they were next to me and to find out it was devastating. >> next to him is david yepez. they were hit by a con kusive blast. >> it felt like it was on top of us. he was in this cloud. i was just standing right over there. >> i think it was over about five feet that way and there was
11:56 am
a lady trying to get him to stay up. >> i did not see what happened to him, i guess. i don't want to say i forgot. the there. >> aaron remembers seeing martin. >> i saw a boy over there and i looked at my legs and from my knees down it was solid red. >> they felt relief that they had survived, a room away the richard family grieved. >> i always wanted to trade places with them because i didn't think it was fair. but, i do remember how lucky i am. >> this was taken one week after your injury. >> david's ears are slowly repairing though specialists are
11:57 am
worried that hearing loss may become the worst of his injuries. aaron's leg injuries are also on the mend. >> i have my scars, still. they will probably be there forever. but i don't have any problems. once in a while i will have some stings. >> bless those who lost their lives. >> the boys found inspiration in seeing jamie richard. >> it was very inspiring seeing her. i always had them in my head ♪
11:58 am
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and the good queen showed the boy it could all be real avo: all of great britain, all in one place book on expedia before april 30th and save up to thirty percent. . >> welcome back. hour two live here in boston for special coverage of the 118th boston marathon. and today all smiles. and some sunglasses not just for the sun, this is the firss time an american man has won boston since 1983. we will take you back here in a moment.
12:02 pm
these divers are combing the wreckage battling awful conditions. zero visibility. 87 people have been pulled. 87 bodies have been pulled. the fate of another 215 is still unknown. many of them young students. they run a field trip and family members they have been watching and waiting hoping for some sort of a miracle but prasing for the worst and then there is this. the scene likely to be repeated over and over as the numbers continued to rise. the president of south korea is calling the actions of the captain and the crew similar to an act of murder. we have more on the man being
12:03 pm
criticized for not going down with this ferry. >> the captain was once a poster boy for his company. >> i believe it is safer than any other vehicle as long as they follow the instructions of our crew members. the initial subjects were told to stay on the ship, an order that was widely believed to have cost lives. >> he told passengers to wait for rescue because the water was too cold. he responds it's because the rescue boats have not arrived yet. south korea's president added her voice to the national con tem nation saying she and other
12:04 pm
citizens were filled with rage and horror. >> it was like an act of murder that must not be tolerated. >> why the ship listed and sank so quickly. >> show that the first distress call came at 855 a.m. just one minute later, the unidentified crew member said that the ship had rolled over so much they couldn't move. local fishermen talked to us about the challenging conditions. the current where the ferry sank is really strong. the swell back is scary. officials say visibility in the area is so bad divers can barely see their hands in front of them. hampering the grim task of looking for survivors but
12:05 pm
finding bodies. >> paula, thank you so much. ukraine says it has ever tying russia to the chaos threatening to rip this country apart. look at these pictures. these photographs seem to show russian soldiers carrying out operations in ukraine. moscow insists it has nothing to do with the unrest. they are not conclusive but the state department spokes woman says that's really besides the point. >> there individuals who visibly appear to be tied to russia. we have said that countless number of times. >> ukraine is not living up to
12:06 pm
its side of the bargain that they agreed upon. remember during the emergency meeting to disarm illegal paramilitary groups and this reminds some people of what we saw not too long ago in crimea. russia denied meddling that these people were in danger. the so called evidence tying russia to the accept rahtists srks that consistent with what you're seeing there? >> well, what we're seeing on the ground is an incredibly murky picture. some teams have heard people with russian accents that are part of the pro russian demonstrators, one man telling an investigation that he had come from crimea. there has been no direct
12:07 pm
evidence on the ground that anyone is operating under specific orders from the kremlin. there was a press conference being held by the self-proclaimed mayor who said look, it's a pretty simple explanation. i'm a former military man. when this was all going down i put out a call to my comrades. most of them were former military men themselves and they came not just from russia but from other countries in the region as well. the addition, though, is that other than those photographs which cnn cannot independently verify we have seen and been given access to other evidence to include photographs of individuals they say they detained with russian military i.d.s. we repeatedly are hearing from those protesters that there is no one on the ground who is
12:08 pm
currently an active duty russian military officer, brook. >> what about people who are closest to russia. what do they want? >> there is such a divergence of opinion here. they want stability and want to be able to live a normal life. some people do feel that they can relate more to russia. others want to see an independent region that is not necessarily under the view of kiev. many people feel like they are caught between the various players and their international backer backe backers mpl many say it is the
12:09 pm
government in kiev that needs to step down. people are fearful because they have never been through this kind of a crisis before. >> as you mentioned off the top, it's americay. it's americay. thank you. coming up this hour here on cnn, the latest on the search for the missing plane. the underwater drone, the blue fin, looking for any sign of the 777. it has now canvassed 2/3 of the search area. if this ninth mission yields nothing, what next? and also a teenager sneaks into the wheel well of a plane, flies across the pacific ocean all the way to hawaii and now fbi and investigators want to know how the heck he survived the flight. and what about questions of security? how did he pull this off? that's next. he thought it was the endn for his dof the conversation.d... she didn't tell him that her college expenses were going up.
12:10 pm
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12:13 pm
welcome back to the hunt for the missing flight 370. it's almost mission complete for this blue fin 21 we have been talking so much about. it has now canvassed two-thirds of the search area. the mission and the area may soon be over as early as wednesday. so really it begs the bigger question, what happens next. officials say no decision has been made about a quote transition to the phase. but back in malaysia, the
12:14 pm
mystery deepens. joining me now sylvia, thank you so much for coming back. we're still stuck talking about this auv which i know people are saying be patient, be patient. but it has covered much of the targeted area under water how do crews determine when they need to use more resources and expand the search? >> one thing that has happened is illumination of this area as where to plane actually is.
12:15 pm
where this aircraft might be. there is so much uncertainty. >> how long do they need to continue searching before the motion as we heard researchers saying regroup, refresh, reboot. eliminating the possibilities in the areas that they have targeted and they are pretty close to doing that, apparently. the numbers are two-thirds complete. maybe a bit more than that. but once they have done this careful survey of the targeted area, that means they have eliminated that as the place where the plane actually is. now to go to a broader area or to recalculate, maybe there is a better more likely place to be looking. now there are pieces of equipment out there that can compliment what blue fin has been doing to search and it's possible with ships on the
12:16 pm
surface to do course mapping of the terrain but you really need to get down closer to the sea floor to get the resolution you have got to go to where the plane is. >> that is exactly what they did with air france 447. looked at the evidence and two years later nailed it. they found the wreckage in the black boxes. and then they have the other variable you have that the currents and here we are hearing about a cyclone hitting this part of the world. would given the fact that we're talking about an auv search, would the cyclone and anything that might kick up, would that
12:17 pm
affect the search or not at all? >> it would certainly affect the search because of the ships on the surface and the deployment of equipment. but the bottom probably wouldn't be as effective as what is happening at the surface. there are currents in the deep sea that could move things around but it's likely for an object this large once it's settled to the bottom, it's not going to move around too much. once the target is located, that's when the real operation of salvage recovery begins. right now the focus has to be on the most likely search area and deploying equipment that can conduct that kind of search. >> okay. sylvia earl, thank you so much for joining me. lots of questions to talk about
12:18 pm
this equipment and perhaps other resources and auvs. maybe other adivisional pieces of technology to help find this wreckage. thank you so much. coming up neck, massive operation showing top brass, if you will, in the troft organize meeting out there in the open. we'll ask. stay here. life with crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis
12:19 pm
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>> welcome back.
12:22 pm
yes men for yemen forces are going after al qaeda like never before. they include drone strikes and could lead to the capture or killing of some militants they have been hunting for quite some time. mohamed, what more do we know about this operation? high level targets? what kind of specifics do we have from sunday night? >> a lot more specifics coming in today. on sunday night, something quite remarkable when it comes to this happening in yemen. commandos went into a hot bed of militancy. they targeted and ambushed a group of vehicles carrying what they suspected to be high level targets in that area. why? that is so they can identify if indeed these were parts of the
12:23 pm
aqap leadership there. but that is still going to take several days of work to find out. this scope of the operation really is unprecedented. yesterday there was skepticism being expressed by a lot of officials as to how much of this may have been propaganda, today many of the officials are really convinced that the government had to go in there, had to really go after aqap and make a big show of it and really put boots on the ground in a way they had not in the past. it's too dangerous that there are commandos there. that shows their commitment, brooke? >> but what about the timing of all of this? i remember the story that broke a couple of days ago with the al qaeda meeting risky for high level people to be taking part in and then here days later we have word of a massive strike.
12:24 pm
coincidence or not? >> it's absolutely not. this is direct response to that tape having appeared. when you see this tape, it shows very clearly that aqap and yemen leadership, they are not really all that worried. that's a real embarrassment, spending billions of dollars and so much effort and resources these past several years to really try to get rid of this group. yemen has a very weak central government and it's hard for them to go after this group. the u.s. has been helping them. the membership ranks have swelled. they are resergeant. they are still plotting attacks
12:25 pm
not just yemen but against u.s. and other international targets. now is the time. we have to strike hard. we have to strike fast and that's why this remarkable operation is ongoing in which we're told at least 65 members of aqap have been killed thus far. brooke? >> as you pointed out it will take some time, days perhaps more to identify who was killed and of what value they had in this aqap. mohamed john june for us in washington. hoe mohamed, thank you so very much. >> just an agonizing way for families in south korea, wondering, knowing with each passing minute knowing that it is less likely that a son or a daughter will not be coming home. when they hear the news for certain, the time for hope is over and the time for mourning has just begun.
12:26 pm
12:27 pm
12:28 pm
12:29 pm
>> finding survivors in the south korean ferry disaster is still possible here but it is growing increasingly unlikely with each passing hour. the ship sank six days ago now while carrying hundreds of high school students on a class trip. the number now, 87. 87 bodies have been recovered. 215 are still missing. and divers say they may have located many of the bodies that were trapped in the ship. here is more on the story. >> parents are waiting, bracing.
12:30 pm
they return one by one. behind the skraen, initial inspection. a plan ket and cover. and a short march back to land. parents rush to the white tents to identify their children. you must have said daddy save me, weeps this father. no one is immune to the sound of losing a child. as the families leave the tents, so to do the stretchers. another group of someone's children, another march back to
12:31 pm
the tents. 13 return in this group but more than 200 are still missing. gurneys on the left side of the dock to continue the search. to bring the rest home. cnn, south korea. >> the grief is magnified by the fact that many of the students refused to jump ship. instead they obeyed the captain's orders. remember the orders, don't move? stay put? even though the ferry is singeing. there is reason for that based upon culture in south korea. thank you so much for joining me and if you can help us understand, a lot of americans
12:32 pm
are struggling to understand why some of the students as the boat is lifting and the water is rushing in, one would think to jump, to throw on a vest and save yourself. but, there is really more here among koreans of this culture of obedience and respect for their elders, is there not? >> first our condolences go out. it's such a terrible tragedy. indeed because of the aspect of their focus on education and deference to teachers and people in positions of authority. that seems to have affected the way they listen to that. the lack of an evacuation warning and reports that the ship listed quick ly but their
12:33 pm
decisions very concerning in here. >> following those order as we know the captain and members of the crew facing charges now. you have outrage towards the families and ship officials. there also too is a culture of responsibility in south korea where people in power are expected to honor and respect the people they serve. >> you're absolutely right. there is expectation in the society that those in positions of authority do take care of those under them. we have seen that in terms of reaction. koreans have a spirit of grieving given the suffering in this last century where they were under occupation and they were deviced for the last 60
12:34 pm
years, i would also note that korea was one of the first countries that expressed solidarity with americans after 9/11 and that's why it's is important for us to express our condolences. the country is in a state of national mourning. >> absolutely. condolences all the way around. some believe it is possible in this ferry. in terms of the low birthrate in korea, we, you know, read that it's 1.2 child per household and basically half of a paraphernalia's income goes to education, and there really is a high rate of suicide. we saw what happened with the vice principal hanging himself where families were waiting. >> there is a tremendous amount of dispair and any of us who are
12:35 pm
parents certainly sympathize and empathize with that but i think you're right to point out the fact that the low birthrate means that most parents have one or two children. the loss is driven home all the more and the fact that so much is spent on education, 55% of household income goes towards schooling these children 16, 17 years of age lost in their prime in terms of their being high school educated individuals and the fact that it's turning from a search and rescue to a salvage operation, very grim days ahead. we will have to see in terms of suicide, a tragedy on tragedies and again our hearts go out to korea in that regard. >> absolutely. hearts and thoughts with those families as they wait. thank you for joining me. >> coming up next, imagine spending hours in a space like
12:36 pm
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12:40 pm
>> just about 20 minutes away from the closing bell. the dough up 29 points. a lot of green on the screen which is a good thing to see. in the meantime, to this story, have you heard about this? lucky to be alive. authorities in hawaii using that phrase over and over to describe this crazy story, a 16-year-old boy managed to smuggle himself into the wheel well of a jet liner and stay there and flew all the way from california all the way to hawaii, across the pacific, frigid temperatures and hardly enough oxygen to breathe but somehow he pulled it off. dan simon is covering the story from the argument in san jose. so many questions. how is this young man doing? >> apparently he's doing okay.
12:41 pm
he was take on the a local hospital in the area as a precaution but he's said to be doing fine. he's up 35,000 feet in the air, temperature somewhere around 80 below, very limited oxygen. he passed out and that may have saved his life. cording to medical experts when the tempts reach that level that he may have been hibernating like a bear. there is the survivability aspect and the security issue. apparently the way this happened is he was on the perimeter and told authorities that he got into an argument with his family and came here to the airport. he scaled that fence according to the fbi, there is surveillance video of him actually going over that fence and making his way to the
12:42 pm
hawaiian airliner here on the tarmac. if a teenager could do this so easily, it raises questions about terrorism especially under the cover of darkness and go to a wheel well and possibly place a bomb in the wheel well of the aircraft. those questions exist at least today. brooke? >> clearly, dan, i am sure we would like to think they are looking closely at security. thank you so much. michael kay, just first, try to wrap my head around before we talk about how he pulled this off, 35,000 feet in the air in a wheel well. how is he even breathing?
12:43 pm
>> that is a brilliant question. what we're seeing here is if cooperated it's an extraordinary tail of human survival and resilience. there is hypothermia and hi pox ya. hypothermia is when the body drops below 35 degrees. when that happens, the body slowly starts to shut down. the hypoxia aspect is when the body is starved of oxygen. if you keep climbing, slowly the body becomes euphoric where you don't realize what is going on. we were put in a gas chamber. we were asked to do mathematics
12:44 pm
test. it's phenomenal. when the environmental conditions alone are a truly phenomenal feet. so all around, the small boy really survived. >> do you think we would be telling a different story if it wasn't a young healthier man as opposed to someone much older but equally brazen? >> no doubt about it. this was a 16-year-old with a relatively strong heart. he was able to hide in the other part and hide near the carriage bay where there might be a little bit of room. i did mention that when the core temperature dropped, that's when all the hypothermia symptoms dropped in.
12:45 pm
a girl was recovered from a lake with a core body temperature of 13 degrees c and she was revived. she survived. so again, i would like to believe that it's impossible but when you have cases like these it could be a miracle. >> but, beyond that, there is the security angle. i hop on planes all the time. i have got to take my shoes off all the time. it makes me a little nervous. >> security all over the u.s. what i would say is having spoken to a couple of captains earlier on today, there are airports around the world where airlines designate certain airfields adds a stow away risk.
12:46 pm
when the aircraft lands or the gear cycles, the doors actually come back up. you have just got the legs protru protruding. when they go to airports, what the engineers will do is they will drop those doors when the pilot does the walk around. now, this is the mandates of all over the world. there are things that we could do to make this less likely in the future. >> let's hope they are looking into that, michael kay, senior aviation analyst, i appreciate it. and here in boston, beautiful blue sky. lots of love here. so many of the thousands of runners have been crossing the finish line.
12:47 pm
all the way here to the finish line in boston, just rows upon rows of people. one of the biggest races they have had as far as spectators. one million people watching this triumph today. we will take you there. across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza.
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12:51 pm
we are live here in boston. before i let you go, we have to talk about the reason we're here. this is the 118th boston marathon. not that i have claim to fame or have ran this thing but these ladies have. congratulations. this is a beautiful, quaint town. 38,000 strong, 9,000 more this year than last year. ready to run with special gusto on this marathon monday. i want to play some sound for you about why these runners are back this year. >> it's a great year to be here. perfect weather. we're claiming the sport back from what happened last year. >> the terrorist did not do what they intended because boston is strong and we'll remain strong. >> reporter: you're back. >> yes, i'm back. >> we support boston. a great city to run in.
12:52 pm
>> boston strong, baby. >> reporter: the energy this morning was absolutely contagious. i'm joined by -- really, we've become friends, columnist -- >> we're buds. >> reporter: columnist from the boston globe. here we are. everything that you've experienced over the course of the last year, we made it. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: and you were saying to me you're writing a column about how normal it seems? >> i love the boring. i got to see my buddy who is an emergency room doctor, bored out of his mind in the medical tent. a year ago he had people coming in there where he thought there had been an ied explosion and there was. it's all about the runners, all about the buzz, all about the families here and it's obvious that a lot of people turned out. i was on the route this morning and there were more people last year, i can tell you that. >> reporter: this may have been
12:53 pm
the largest as far as runners. >> i think the crowd might be the biggest. >> reporter: here we are in beautiful boston common. people are finishing the race and walking among us. how would you describe that the air feels in boston? >> i don't know if you remember it, brooke, but it's just like it was last year. i have the song going through my head and then it morphed into eve veil. the red sox lost but, hey, you can't have everything. >> reporter: there is still time. what do you want people to know, people who -- we talked so much about boston strong but it's so much more than that. for people outside of boston, what do you want them to know about your city? >> you look around to where people came out and it was to defy the bombers and say, this is our town, our race. the race really belongs to the world. and what i love most about this
12:54 pm
is that not only was he the first american to run win it in years but he is a refugee. i think it's good to remember that the vast majority of immigrants who come into this country aspire to be met. they don't aspire to be the guys that did what they did last year. >> reporter: i'm going to take that away from you right now. kevin cullen, thank you so much. hang with me because before i let everyone go, i want to -- if you're not here, i want you to experience the sights and the sounds, what has been a tremendous day here in boston, the 118th boston marathon. take a look. waves of people. >> the race started with 15 runners. look what we have now. >> and these people can't wait
12:55 pm
to get going. with the first wave right on their heels, the elite men take off. it feels like now the boston marathon is officially under way. so many things different about this year's boston marathon. emotions, memories, heartache, hope. >> she's got it! the the fastest woman. >> this could be a little hairy. >> they are trying to stalk him. >> >> an american will win the boston marathon. >> yes! he will. meb keflezighi. >> we wanted to take you there to feel what so many of us felt. we're not even running today but
12:56 pm
to be part of a magical moment. please stay with cnn today. we're pushing the story forward and we're airing a special tonight at 10:00 eastern with the notion here of boston in mind. 10:00 eastern here on cnn. and it's been a pleasure. spending so much time in this wonderful season last year through -- >> i think you're picking up an accent. >> you think so? >> absolutely. >> thanks for having me. can i come back as much as i like? >> yes. you can only go to new bedford or fall river. that's what i say. >> thank you, kevin. my colleague, jake tapper, is just over that way in the boston common as we're surrounded by sunshine and love and happy runners. i'm brooke baldwin. that does it for me. quick break. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right after this. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day. he was a matted mess in a small cage. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found
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we are coming to you live from boston where today this city finishes the race. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead. who are those masked men? for weeks the u.s. has accused the u.s. of putting forces in there without admitting it and now the ukraine says that they have the photos to prove it. the navy's robosub has covered half of the area but so far no wreckage. shouldn't they have found something by this point? is it time for a new approach? and we are back in boston as the city laces up its running shoes after last year's nightmare. we talk to a pair of brothers who found the strength to go forward after each of them lost a leg. good afternoon. i'm jake tapper coming to you live from boston common, the heart of this city